Coney Island Day


In the beginning of September we will be going to Coney Island (water park) with the families at Living Water Church! It should be a fun-filled time of fellowship!


Backpack Day

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Before school starts, we blessed our church children with backpacks filled with school supplies. They are starting school next Monday, so let’s pray that they would take their education seriously and transition from vacation to school smoothly.

Our Future Home

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Praise the LORD!

God has provided us with a new church building! It is on 1610 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, which is less than five-minute walk away from our intern housing and has everything that we were praying for. Next year, the church building will be 150 years old! Unlike other parts of Over-The-Rhine (OTR) where there has been a lot of gentrification, this small church is in the middle of the original OTR neighborhood. Currently it is going through renovations: adding classrooms and a kitchen and repairing the ceiling and flooring of the sanctuary. We are aiming to have the building ready in early 2015.

A team from Remnant Westside Church (RWC) in New York came to help and set the momentum for hard work to be done in this place. Please pray that God continues to provide laborers to come and help build, as well as protection for all the laborers who come and we can continue to be the light on this neighborhood through our church.

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Providence House Painting Completed


Providence house is steadily getting completed. While the RWC team was here, they finished painting the house. Now we are getting ready to do the flooring as well as do some touch ups around the house such as varnishing the doors/stairs, putting in the window sills and adding in the kitchen. The building will house male interns and host many different church activities.

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July School 2014

This year our School of Evangelism will be July 10-12. Through our School of Evangelism we equip young missionaries with skills to share the Gospel message. Once we have equipped these students we then send them out in teams to share the Gospel in the streets of Over-The-Rhine. This year we have invited Rev. Charlie Dates to be our guest speaker. Rev. Charlie Dates is the senior pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois.